Full Day Cattle Tour


Total Time: 6.5 hours
Rate: $395.00

This ride takes the same route down and the same concept applies, we only do these tours for a very important objective too! No only cattle checking but looking after the coastline. We while relax at the Kanaio coast, at a large bay where we set up a lovely cowboy lunch time. We spread out under a huge Ki’awe forest ending with scrumptious desserts.  

While on this trip, you get the option to hike to an ancient Hawaiian fishing village, or to a secluded sandy beach called the Oasis, or to just revel in the sun, take a swim in the emerald-blue water,  snorkel or check out the tide pools. You may just want to swing on the swing, or take a nap in the pure perfect silence that this place has to offer. The crew spends their time cleaning up the coastline of any debris left by accident ( we hope). We love taking care of the aina and take pride in our tours and sharing these precious places.

This is truly the most amazing experience for anyone in Hawai'i,  visitors and locals alike.  Except for the occasional fisherman throwing his net, you are totally alone with nature and at peace. The ride alone is spectacular, and the time at the beach is a healing and invigorating experience. 

The ride home is exciting too as we allow experienced riders to trot up the slope! You'll have so much fun that, before you know it, you're back at the ranch again. 

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