Experience the Real Beauty of Old Maui


Duration: 4.5 Hours
Rates: $295 per rider (plus tax)

The mountain to the sea tours are our most unique and Paige's personal favorite. This ride along opportunity takes us across the open free range areas called "pasture"  through the ancient warring grounds past Pi’imoi cinder cone down the lava fields filled with Hawaiian Hale Koa and the Wili  trees.

We do a tri-weekly cattle check on these tours. Essentially you are gaining your Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) status ! Once you arrive you are a part of the crew, (volunteering) and our job,  is to make sure the cattle stay in the pasture lands,  push any invasive species "goats and deer" out of the area.  Horses and the" Deer and Goats"  instinctively go separate ways. So it's not a lot of work!  You just ride along as we wind our way down along to the picturesque seascapes that unfold at every turn.  We reach the coast in approximately 2 hrs, making a few stops for photos and to stretch.

The then the coast itself: black stone and white coral stones create this Maui coastline–the likes of which you have never seen. It is only accessible by horse, by boat and perhaps the avid hiker (about 3 hours from La Perouse on foot). We however prefer the comfort of our horses!

The ride along the coast is breathtaking. Our half-day coastal ride stops at the first or second bay shaded by a huge Ki’awe Trees,  this is where we break for a scrumptious lunch  for our cowboys and you our volunteer paniolos. The crew fuels up on awesome Triple L Ranch Beef Burgers catered in;  including fresh fruit, tasty snacks and delicious dessert for about an hour then head back up to the ranch. The total ride time is about 4.5 hours.

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